Hackathons And How To Find A Parking Spot In Rio De Janeiro With Team Rua Aberta


Editor’s note: Julie Ruvolo is a freelance writer and editor of RioChromatic.com. You can follow her on Twitter @jruv.

I’m sitting in an office on the 13th floor of Mayor Eduardo Paes’s headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. I’ve come to speak with Pedro Paulo, the Staff Secretary who presided over Rio’s first city-sponsored hackathon, an overnight Red Bull and hot-dog infused tech fest that opened up a cache of city data to 75 Rio citizens eager to make their city better with apps.

Pedro Paulo sits across from me at his desk, waxing philosophical about how Mayor Eduardo Paes is eschewing classical, top-down political governance and instituting an era of tech-driven dialog with his municipal subjects.

There’s the hackathon, and a new website called Rio+ that lets you suggest and vote up ideas to improve the city. The mayor is Tweetcasting and live streaming, and he hosted…

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